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Recommendations for Decision-Makers

The study recommends eight actions that financial institutions, regulators and policy-makers can take today to ensure sustainable credit levels for the future:
a. Integrate the concepts of sustainable credit into the regulatory agenda.
b. Create standardized government accounting practices to increase transparency and accurately assess sovereign finances.
c. Encourage responsible borrowing through financial education.
d. Encourage financing of local coldspots (SMEs) through targeted mechanisms.
e. Task a single agency with monitoring global credit levels and system-wide credit sustainability.
f. Align banks’ risk appetite with sustainable credit criteria.
g. Drive innovation by financial institutions, developing new mechanisms that can safely meet future global credit needs.
h. Establish goals for efficient and deep capital markets by 2020 in developing economies.

EKAI Center:

This report served as a reference for discussions at the last meeting of the WEF in Davos.
EKAI Center does not share the basic thesis of the study, but it is a document of great interest because of its systematics and provided information.

Attached: Full text (english)